Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Cautionary Note

Some new readers – and maybe some regular readers – of this blog may feel inspired by the content to join one or more of the many discussion forums on the internet devoted to the Highgate Vampire case. Perhaps YOU wish to share your opinions and discuss those of others.  Please do, by all means. But please also observe this note of caution from the BOS:

Since the inception of the internet one person, under a list of aliases (slightly more disguised than "Allan Farrow"), and occasionally with the assistance of a tiny band of supporters, has been trolling the web, disseminating negative disinformation not only about the last President of the BOS, but also about anyone who is perceived to "take his side" in debate about the Highgate phenomenon. This person makes it his business to orchestrate the flooding of any online discussion about the case with multiple abuse in an attempt to start flame wars and inevitably have forums closed. His rationale? He cannot stand criticism or adult debate, and seeks to extend a personal obsession with Seán Manchester, his family and anyone he perceives to be on friendly terms with them. There are of course, unfortunately, a handful of other like-minded trolls out there who replicate this illegal and malicious behaviour towards Seán Manchester, his family, friends and as many colleagues of his they can track down.

We welcome all forms of genuine online debate, and are more than happy to answer reasonable questions about the paranormal on various forums provided for that purpose. However, because of the sheer malice and stalking tendencies which are exhibited towards Seán Manchester and his associates both on and offline by this individual, including multitudinous hateblogs, we do advise anyone contributing to such forums to be extremely careful about protecting their real identity from anyone they do not trust 100% – including their real name, home address and email address.

Please do not let this note of caution put you off from contributing your views on material which you may have read on the wide array of forums that exist on the topic being exploited by one man and his cronies.  All private correspondence to Seán Manchester and his colleagues is treated in strictest confidence and always has been. Just PLEASE, stay safe online! Online debate can be rewarding – getting stalked is not.

If you feel that, as a result of online debate about any matters pertaining to us or the Highgate case, your personal safety or privacy is being compromised or you receive threats from anyone, whether posting under aliases or not, in the first instance we suggest that you telephone the police who are well aware of this individual's previous history in this regard and indeed his small band of trolls and their relevant IP addresses.

For guidance on protective behaviours online, click here:

Please do not feel threatened or intimidated into not being able to express your thoughts and views online  – just be sure to do it in a way that keeps your safety and privacy intact.

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