Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Farrant's Fraudulent Form

Above are several forms claimed by David Farrant as his own. The mauve one with his image obscuring its full title is a genuine British Occult Society form which has had Farrant's home address superimposed over the original address on the form. Farrant has used a similar font, but if you look closely it is not absolutely parallel with the title at the foot of the membership application. The original bona fide application form appears below. On three of the other forms he has stolen the surround design to the genuine form and applied it to his own. What Farrant did with his bogus forms he also attempted to do with the Highgate Vampire case, ie he tried to hijack it and then pervert it into something it was not. The above membership forms have also been copied and perverted to suit his interloping agenda and fraudulent claims. This is a real British Occult Society application form:

A small sample of completed membership forms appear below together with an uncompleted form like the one Farrant obviously managed to procure and doctor for his own fraudulent purposes:

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